Raising Godly Families

God's Design for The Family 

Our human nature wants to assign people value and impiratnce based on their role. But God Wants each of us working together to benefit the whole church. Not only does Jesus' model make the church more effective, but it also brings us more joy. When we're serving in areas we're passionate about and using our spiritual gifts, we will be energized by our roles. God blesses our work as we settle into the ministry He diesinged us for.


We invests in the Men’s Ministry knowing that when a man is discipled he holds a higher value on character and integrity than on his own outside the brethren. Within the brethren it’s “iron sharpening iron”.

Men in the discipleship programs have witnessed God’s renewing power in their own lives and the lives of many men, which in turn renews, repairs, reconciles many marriages and a father’s relationship with his children. You fix the man, you fix the family.


We offer a variety of women’s ministries that are reflected by gatherings of women of all races, ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Our women’s ministries exist to inspire and challenge women to understand their value, enjoy their relationship with God and each other & to have fun on this journey called life!

We believe women are loved and valued by God. They are not second-class citizens or God’s afterthought – they are the very apple of His eye! We believe in the potential that resides within every woman.


Our Childrens School assists parents with every step of a child’s spiritual growth; from knowledge of Christ, to relationship with Christ, to lifelong committed follower of Jesus Christ.

It is our mission to help parents build a spiritual foundation that their children will never part from. Teaching children who God is and how to build a relationship with Jesus Christ. We work hard to create a safe, exciting atmosphere where children can discover God’s calling and purpose for their lives.


Our Youth Ministry provides an environment where young adults can grow in their relationship with Christ and align themselves with other Christians for support and accountability.

Presenting real life issues in creative ways, we are passionate about helping young adults to live a life of victory and fulfill their destiny in Christ Jesus. We believe that Christian service is a cornerstone of this ministry with teams who serve this local congregation in any way we are needed. 

"And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” "

Joshua 24: 15

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