Who is JESUS?

Old Testament
New Testament

Genesis 1:1- GOD is the Creator
John 1:3-10- JESUS is the Creator

Genesis 17:1- The "Almighty" is GOD
Rev 1:8- the "Almighty" is JESUS

Exodus 3:14- the great "I AM" is GOD
John 8:58- the great "I AM" is JESUS

Deut 10:17- The "LORD of Lords" is GOD
Rev 19:16 The "LORD of Lords" is JESUS

Psalm 18:31- the "Rock" is GOD
1 Cor 10:4- the "Rock" is JESUS

Psalm 146:10- GOD shall Reign Forever
Luke 1:31-33- JESUS Will Reign Forever

Isaiah 40:11- the Shepherd is GOD
John 10:16- the Shepherd is JESUS

Isaiah 41:14- the Redeemer is GOD
Luke 1:68- the Redeemer is JESUS

Isaiah 43:10- GOD said "I AM HE"
John 8:24- JESUS says "I AM HE"

Isaiah 43:10-11- GOD is the Savior
Luke 2:11- JESUS is the Savior

Isaiah 43:15- the "Holy One" is GOD
Acts 3:14- the "Holy One" is JESUS

Isaiah 43:15- GOD is King of Israel
Matt 27:37- JESUS is King of Israel

Isaiah 45:21- the One Savior is GOD
Acts 4:12- JESUS is the One Savior

Isaiah 43:10-11- GOD is the "Only Savior"
Titus 1:4- JESUS is the "Only Savior"

Isaiah 44:6- GOD is the "First & the Last"
Rev 1:8, 22:13- JESUS is the "First & the Last"

Isaiah 45:23- Every Knee must Bow to GOD
Phil 2:10- Every Knee must Bow to JESUS

Jer 31:32- GOD, the One Husband
2 Cor 11:2- JESUS, the One

Zachariah 12:10- they Pierced Me- GOD
John 19:34- they Pierced- JESUS

Zachariah 14:4-5- GOD is Coming
Matt 25:31- JESUS is Coming

Malachi 1:6- the One Master is GOD
Matt 23:8- the One Master is JESUS

Malachi 2:10- GOD is the Father
John 14:5-9, Isaiah 9:6- JESUS is called the Father

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