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Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Dnubietek Mahfura u Minsija! - 19.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Your sins are forgiven and forgotten! - 20.10.2019

Marie Scerri - Ċittadini tas-Saltna - 16.10.2019

Pastor Mariella Manchè - The Remnant: Anointed and Distinct - 13.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Il-Fdal: Distinti u Midluka - 12.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - The Spiritual DNA of the Remnant Church - 06.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Kif jingharaf il-fdal tal-poplu ta' Alla - 05.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - "Qum ghax jiena miegħek" jgħid il-Mulej - 02.10.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - The Remnant - The Life of the Church and the World - 29.09.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Il-Fdal - Il-Ħajja tal-Knisja u tad-Dinja - 28.09.2019

Pastor Gordon-John Manchè - Int parti mill-fdal tal-Poplu t'Alla? - 25.09.2019

"The temptation to compare will always be there. The way to fight for unity is to give thanks for the role each person plays, recognizing that each person in the church matters to God and has a vital role in His Church"

Corinthians 12:24-26


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